Dango’s new titanium money clip holds all your cash and more!

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NEWS – If a minimalist wallet that only holds credit cards isn’t your jam, and you prefer to carry cold hard cash, the new MC01 Dango Titanium Money Clip has you covered. Constructed of CNC machined, 6061 aerospace aluminum for the chassis and titanium for the money clip, the MC01 can hold a large wad of up to 50 bills to as few as 1 lonely dollar bill under the clip and as many as 30 more bills (or some cards) under the silicone band. For those of you who are math-challenged, that’s up to 80 bills! The Dango MC01 also has a built-in bottle cap opener so it has all the bases covered. Head over to dangoproducts.com and order one for $79.

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5 thoughts on “Dango’s new titanium money clip holds all your cash and more!”

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  2. A number of years ago I was checking out of a high-end hotel in Europe. My client put me up there: I wasn’t paying for it. I recognized the older man in front of me at the counter as the head of a large European company and I was wondering what he was doing standing at the counter. As the conversation was in a language I didn’t understand I had no idea of what was going on, but the man reached into his front pocket and took out a clip that contained some bills and a couple credit cards. I realized that the clip was a standard office black binder clip, the kind that’s on every desk.

    I’ve used one ever since. Works great, costs almost nothing.

  3. The minimalist design of this wallet is really cool. To secure hard cash by hard metal not a bad idea! Julie, would you please give me a feedback about the longevity of MC01 Dango Titanium Money Clip?

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