Now you can read in the shower with these glasses!

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NEWS – If you’re trying to squeeze every last minute out of the day in order to be productive, I have a pair of reading glasses for you that will let you read stuff in the shower! What you plan to read is up to you. The instructions on your bottle of shower gel? Your waterproof smartphone? Hey, it’s up to you! Showerspecs glasses have two unique features. Feature no.1 – You can hang them from a hook on your shower wall so they are handy and ready to go. Feature no.2 – The lenses have a special
patented double spun anti-fog coating that keeps the steam from the shower off the lenses. The lenses are also treated with an extra hydrophobic layer that allows them to repel water droplets. Showerspecs are available in 3 colors and 3 magnification levels from +2.0 up to +3.0 and are priced at $65 per pair. Head over to for all the details.

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3 thoughts on “Now you can read in the shower with these glasses!”

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  2. Very clever! Most people don’t know how inconvenient it is when the lenses in your eyes get too old to focus, and you are in the shower.

  3. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    I am not sure you have really thought out all the aspects of deciding whether to buy this product.

    First, please read the instructions. They say you start your shower and wait for the steam to fog up your glasses. Once they are fogged up, you are supposed to use your dry fingers to wipe away the fog on both sides of the lenses. Ahh, we’re in the shower. Our fingers are not dry.

    Secondly, reading or identifying the shampoo or other bottles is used as a reason why to buy these in their marketing video. Really? If one has identical-looking bottles, a piece of tape could easily help to identify them. And maybe using these for shaving? They make fog-free mirrors to help aid shaving in the shower, which you still have to buy even if you buy these. This $65+ shipping shower glasses just seems so not all that useful, in my opinion. Plus, we don’t know how long the anti-fog will truly last. Now, if they made anti-fog magnifying eyeglasses that would not automatically fog up when you’re wearing a mask…I would absolutely feel differently and buy them, just as long as they were truly and naturally anti-fog.

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