solu enhances your meditation sessions with sound

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NEWS – The N.O.W. Mindfulness Tone Therapy System from solu is a pair of small USB rechargeable speakers that emit peaceful tones that will help calm your mind. These special tones are called New Origin Waveforms, or N.O.W. for short. The cool thing is that the tones don’t repeat over and over again so that you can remain focused on your breath as you meditate. The speakers have 60 different sound sequences so each 3-minute session will be different from the last one. For more info on the soul N.O.W. system, head over to and you can order the speakers for $179 from The Grommet, Amazon, or directly from solu.

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  2. Hi Julie, thank you for spotting our n.o.w. Tone Therapy System (yeah, our odd spelling has evolved to lower case, lol) and for spreading the love. This is Michael Joly writing, the founder of solu and the co-developer with Alene Sibley of n.o.w.

    There’s a small point your readers may be interested to know––n.o.w. Tone Therapy offers an infinite number of composed-in-the-moment tone sequences that never repeat and help the listener stay focused on the present moment (the essence of a mindfulness meditation practice that can reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing focus and ultimately, joy).

    While each speaker does contain many different, real recordings of actual instruments (I performed the tone sequences while in a clear-of-thought state of mind), these sequences are chosen at random at the time of playback – be each speaker – so that when the tones combine at the listener’s ears at the moment of play, an infinite number of tone-moment are possible.

    It is this “always new” quality of n.o.w. Tone Therapy that helps the listener be intrigued and stay with their listening practice day after day. And the pleasant bell-like timbre of the tones makes listening to n.o.w. a somewhat familiar and safe space. I like to say we may the present moment safe and easy to be in.

    Thanks again for the work you’re doing letting people know about helpful gadgets!

    Cheers, Michael

    Michael Joly
    Founder / CEO

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