Wuben E05 EDC flashlight review

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REVIEW: Why keep you in suspense? The Wuben E05 EDC flashlight is a winner, and has replaced two of my small pocket flashlights I’ve carried on rotation for years. I’ll try to show you where it shines. (Not sorry.)

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What is it

The Wuben E05 is a rechargeable pocket-sized LED flashlight that is perfect for EDC.

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What’s in the box

  • E05 EDC flashlight
  • 14500 battery
  • Lanyard
  • Soft rubber bright white diffuser cap
  • Storage bag
  • Two O-rings
  • Mirco USB charging cable
  • Manual and warranty card

Wuben E05 01

Hardware specs

  • Weight: 2.2 oz. with battery
  • Dimensions: ‎3.27” x 0.85” x 0.79”
  • Battery: 750 mAh, 3.7 volt, Lithium ion, 14500 size
  • Material: aluminum
  • Light source: CREE LED
  • Body color: Black only

Design and features

The Wuben E05 EDC flashlight has 4 brightness levels. Lumen numbers are shown in the specs graphic above. 

Wuben E05 16

When the power button is pressed, a LED inside the power button flashes 6 times. I’m not sure of the purpose of that feature but it indicates extra attention to engineering and design. 

Wuben E05 03

The power switch is on the barrel of the light. My hand likes those better than tail-cap buttons on smaller flashlights.  

With the light off, a two second press of the power button activates turbo, or the brightest light mode. Otherwise a single button press activates the last brightness level that was used.  Off is a two second press from any illumination mode.  A slow-fast alternating strobe mode is activated with two quick presses of the button when the light is off or on in any brightness mode. 

Wuben E05

The flashlight comes with a soft, white rubber light diffuser that illuminates an area when hung overhead or stood on its end cap.

Wuben E05 05

The tail-cap end of the light is magnetized. The diffuser can be placed on the end for convenient carry, but the magnet will have less grip.  

Wuben E05 06

Here’s an AA flashlight next to the E05 for size comparison.

In a pinch (or not) a standard AA alkaline battery fits the Wuben E05. This is a major convenience if recharging is not possible when the 14500 battery is depleted.  

Wuben E05 20

The light’s clip is very well attached. It can be a pocket clip or hat bill clip for hands-free use. It can probably be removed but I’m guessing you’d mar the finish of the light, and that clip alone keeps the light from rolling when laid on a surface.  
Wuben E05 18

Installation and Setup

The 14500 battery has a micro-USB charging port at its top. When charging, a red LED indicates ‘charging’. A green LED indicates ‘charged’. 

Wuben E05 17

Unbox the components, charge the battery until the green light illuminates, insert the battery into the flashlight and pocket the light until needed.  

Wuben E05 15

Testing and observations

The two second press to turn the light off took getting used to. I kept single-pressing which activated the next brightest light level. I eventually got conditioned to remember, ‘2 second press = off’.  

The Turbo bright mode is very much so, and the end of the light produces heat as soon as it is used. I may have used this mode 5 times during my testing to illuminate long distances for short periods of time. Lower lighting modes handled everything else I needed to do. I find I most often use the lower brightness modes of most flashlights.  But it’s nice to have turbo there when you need it.

I used the light diffuser like an overhead camping light while reading with grandkids. We just happened to be under the dining table. The diffuser fits the end of the light when not in use. The diffuser is ‘glow in the dark’ but is weak, and it depletes quickly.  

Another benefit of the diffuser carried on the tail cap is the tooth protection it provides if you’re prone to hold small flashlights by mouth at times, as my dentist doesn’t know I usually do.  

Wuben E05 10

Wuben E05 09

Wuben E05 08

Wuben E05 07

These outdoor pics demonstrate the 4 brightness levels. Notice the grass in front of the shed for an indication of the spread of this light’s beam. I like that the light is more spotlight style than tightly focused beam style. These pics were taken 20 feet from my shed. The lowest lumen setting at that distance outdoors was barely noticeable and the light level was so low the camera couldn’t focus, but it’s fine for indoor use when walking through dark rooms or looking for items in a closet, etc. 

Wuben E05 24

The spotlight style of lighting is also noted as you view the lens reflection of the LED. It almost fully fills the lens when viewed directly.

What I like

  • Excellent fit and finish of all parts
  • Quality look, feel and performance
  • The last light level used is the light level used with the next turn-on.
  • The light diffuser fits on the end cap for use over the lens as needed for ‘candle’ / area mode
  • An AA size battery fits the light in case the rechargeable 14500 is depleted.
  • Some might prefer a charging port in the light itself but the E05 has better water resistance designed as it is. The battery charges pretty fast (technical term) and was no big problem to remove and charge it the 3 times I charged it during my 4 weeks of testing. 

What I’d change

No recommendations to suggest. 

Wuben E05 19

Final thoughts

The Wuben E05 bumped off two mini-AAA pocket lights I’ve used for years. I’ll still carry a AAA light in tight-ish dress clothes, but given the small size of the E05 it gives far more light than my AAAs. With its rechargeable battery, pocket / hat clip and tail-cap magnet, the E05 is an EDC winner for me. I recommend and would buy the Wuben E05.

Price: $44.99
Where to buy: Wuben (10% Discount Code – GAD15)
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Wuben.

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