Fishda Double Head Massage Gun review – one head too many?

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REVIEW – The Fishda Double Head massage gun caught my attention immediately with the dual head design.  I’ve been eyeing massage guns like these for a while so I was excited when Fishda sent this unit for review.  Unlike the massagers I found in my parent’s room as a child, these massage gun devices are capable of delivering a deep-muscle massage with a linear pounding motion, rather than the buzzing vibration motors of previous generations of “massagers”.  The result is much more relief for sore muscles while requiring less pressure applied while using it.  I wondered if having two massage heads would be helpful, gimmicky, or a nuisance, so let’s find out!

What is it?

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The Fishda Double Massage Head gun is a massage gun with two massage heads.  There are a variety of attachments that can be affixed to apply very narrow intense pressure points or a more spread out full-muscle massage.  The marketing material for the product on Amazon claims that the device “relaxes the whole body, more effectively activates blood circulation, relaxes tendons and muscles, … relieves fatigue and release the beneficial effects of drowsiness”.  While I didn’t experience the entire claimed range of effects, it certainly relieved sore muscles!

What’s in the box?

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Included in the box is the Fishda Double Massage Head gun itself, a cloth carry case, USB-A to USB-C charging cable (but no AC wall plug), and 4 sets of attachments (8 total).

Hardware specs

  • Motors: 2 brushless type motors
  • Stroke: 6.5 mm of travel
  • Sound level: 44 dB at max RPM
  • Max RPM: 3200 RPM
  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Charging interface: USB Type-C
  • Product size: 183 mm x 90 mm x 46 mm

Design and features

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The Fishda Double Massage Head gun is constructed from machined aluminum alloy and plastic, with a rubberized power/mode button.  The metal surfaces feel as premium as any high end tech device I’ve handled.  There are 5 LED lights on the bottom, 4 to indicate the power level when on and one to indicate charging status.  The product feels solid and heavy with no loose bits or wobble.

fishda double massager 6

There are 4 sets of dual massage tips included.  3 of these are hard plastic (they don’t feel like cheap plastic, they seem to be a higher quality and seem sturdy), while the ball-tip set has a hard dense foam cover (non-removable).

Installation and setup

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Installation and setup was very straightforward:  charge the device with the included USB-C cable (or you can use your phone/tablet charger if it’s USB-C type).  I plugged the included cable into my laptop as well as a spare wall charger and it worked as expected with both.  Once plugged in, an LED light near the connector indicates charging.  The device ships with the flat-tip heads installed, switching to other tips is as simple as a solid tug and then pushing the other tip back in.  They are held in place by friction, and I had no worries about them coming off once installed.  It was easy to switch these as needed, and you can even mix and match different attachments, though I found it best to use the same set on both for consistency.

Powering on the device is a simple long-press on the only button, then once it’s on you can cycle through 4 intensity settings with short-presses.  The above video was done with the lowest intensity setting. The highest setting is enough to really pound the tightest knots, but I found it to be too much in most cases. The lower settings were great for me.  I used the Fishda Double Massage Head gun for about a month, and found myself using it 5 to 10 minutes a day to relieve sore muscles from my daily workouts (or just from sitting too long, the new game Valheim is way too addictive).  It worked like a charm, reducing my chronically sore lower back to a low dull pain instead of a constant medium piercing pain.

The dual-head design is interesting, and there were definitely times where I found the massage to be faster or more effective with the two heads, but overall I noticed that most of the time I used the device I was focusing one massage head around one pain point.  I also noticed that sometimes to get a specific spot I would end up jolting one of my bony bits (like a spine or hip) with the other head which was not the most pleasant experience.  I would have to switch focus to the other head, or twist the Fishda Double Massage Head gun in a different angle to avoid bone-jarring vibrations.  Overall it was mostly a positive benefit to have 2 massage heads, but I think I’d also be fine with a single head.

Battery life was phenomenal, I went for over 2 weeks of daily 5-10 minutes (sometimes longer and sometimes my partner also used it) without a recharge.  I didn’t notice any diminished power output, but charged it up after about 2 weeks just to make sure it didn’t fully die.

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Fishda includes a decent velvety bag that holds the massage gun and all attachments in a nice small portable package.  Unlike many included bags, it doesn’t feel like the stitches will immediately fail.  It easily fits all the bits with room to spare.

What I like

  • Sturdy construction
  • Strong deep muscle massage
  • Unique dual-head design

What I’d change

  • Battery indicator
  • Rubberized grip would be nice
  • High price due to dual-motor/dual-head design

Final thoughts

fishda double massager 1

The Fishda Double Massage Head gun was a pleasure to use on a daily basis during this review period.  I found genuine sore muscle and sore back relief, and the construction and quality were top-notch.  After weeks of use though, I’m not fully sold on the need to go dual-head over single-head for a massager gun.  It has benefits, but the increased cost wouldn’t justify it for my personal use.  I could see this being worth it if you’re a more serious athlete than I am (with bigger muscles, hence the need for more coverage and more massaging), or if you have some serious deep-tissue pain over large areas where more coverage would benefit.

Price: $149
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Fishda

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