Yakima’s new EXO System is like a bunk bed for your trailer hitch

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NEWS – I’ve been hauling bikes and snowboards on my cars for decades and during that time there’s been numerous advances that have made things easier; I have stories for another time. Yakima has been my go to brand for a lot of reasons and so I always keep an eye on what they’re cooking up.

Well this morning my inbox had a brand new announcement from them and it looks like a game changer for anyone trying to optimize how they carry their gear on their vehicle. Gadgets don’t have to be small and this hits all the right buttons for me having just installed a new hitch on my SUV.

The EXO System is a modular trailer hitch mounting solution that effectively provides two levels to work with that you can adapt as your needs change.

The EXO Foundation starts with the EXO SwingBase and EXO TopShelf, and from there you can choose solutions for almost any kind of gear you can imagine.

01 EXO SwingBase Hero open

01 EXO TopShelf

For bikes you have the EXO Double Up bike rack.

01 EXO DoubleUp Open

For carrying gear, EXO GearLocker provides an enclosed, lockable option…

01 EXO GearLocker Hero

and the EXO GearWarrior is a rugged basket in which you place your oversized cooler or lash anything else.

01 EXO GearWarrior Hero

Yakima has additional options for skis/snowboards, additional rear light set up for your car and this sweet a wooden deck for camping/grilling where you can see how the EXO SwingBase swings out to the side giving you full access to the rear of your car.

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As a modular system, you can start with a core kit that meets your immediate needs and then add to it as you go. Prices start at $499 for the EXO Swing Base and that requires a 2″ Hitch on your vehicle. You can find out more over at the EXO System page at Yakima.

Note: This product may be illegal in some states if it covers the license plate on the back of the vehicle.

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