KIKR S1 dual wireless charging stand review – My new favorite wireless charger

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CROWDFUNDING REVIEW – I’ve been a big fan of wirelessly charging my smartphone for years. I remember back in the day before it was built into most phones, that I hacked my Samsung Note2 to have that feature. The bulk of wireless chargers that we see on the market are flat slabs which don’t allow you the ability to use your phone while it is in the charger. The KIKR dual wireless charger solves that problem beautifully and gives you a 2nd charger all in a small folding package!

What is it?

KIKR is a dual wireless charger stand that can be used with your phone, wireless earbuds, or other devices that charge wirelessly (Qi).

Design and features

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When it’s not being used, the white plastic KIKR charger folds up to a smallish form factor that makes it perfect for travel.

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This charger uses USB-C to connect to a power source. Note that an AC adapter is not included with the charger.

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When you are ready to charge your device(s), the top charger lifts up to reveal the dual 10W  charging base and charging stand. Both chargers support 10W/7.5W/5W charging modes.

The charging stand has rubber lined ledge/feet that pop open to hold the phone in portrait or landscape orientation. The ledge can pull down from the backrest so you can make sure that the back of your phone is in the sweet spot for charging. The height and angle of the phone is also customizable so that you can continue to use the phone and still see and touch the screen while it’s being charged.

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The phone can be set to the perfect angle for Facetime calls and Marco Polo chats.

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You probably don’t have 2 phones to charge at the same time, but you can use the bottom charging pad for your AirPods or other devices that can be charged wirelessly.

What I like

  • Portable
  • Adjustable
  • Offers 2 charging pads
  • Strong enough to support a tablet

What I’d change

  • Offer it in more colors

Final thoughts

Is it crazy that I “love” a wireless charging stand? KIKR is one of those gadgets that I wonder how I ever got along without it. That sounds dramatic, but it’s true. It’s a great charger and I really have enjoyed using it. So much so, that it’s going to be added to my favorite gear page asap.

Price: $36.00
Where to buy: Kickstarter
Source: The sample for this review was provided by KIKR.

3 thoughts on “KIKR S1 dual wireless charging stand review – My new favorite wireless charger”

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  2. I happen to be in the market for a charger like this, but I wasn’t able to find much out there. I was about to just rip apart a cheap charger and glue it to a good base when your article popped up in my email.

    I agree that “love” seems really strong, but at the reasonable early-backer price I’ll be satisfied if I just like it. 😛

    I know they sent it to you to promote, but, still, thank you for sharing!

      1. As a wireless charging stand, it’s probably the best I’ve seen. It’s just really nice just to have a stand that’s adjustable and not custom-built for a single device.

        The second charger is also really handy now that earbuds have started adopting Qi.

        Construction is great. Exposed wires and loosely-attached support tabs keep it from being perfect, but it’s much better than I anticipated.

        I still feel like it’s charging a bit too slow. I can never tell if it’s because I need to use a different cable or the phone needs better positioning. The manual claims to support QuickCharge 2.0, but it’s a USB-C connector so I have no idea what it _actually_ supports. (The manual also claims to support the Nexus 4–7 so I’m not sure how much I can trust it.)

        Overall, though, really great product so far. Nice work, KIKR!

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