Elago brings 90’s nostalgia to your Apple TV remote

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elago r4retrocase 1

NEWS – When it comes to making classic retro style accessories for Apple products, Elago is the gold standard. They’ve made retro style charging stands that resemble classic iMacs, Gameboys, and iPods. This time around, Elago set their sites on the Apple TV remote control. The R4 Retro Case transforms your Apple TV remote into a classic SNES controller. 90’s nostalgia, anyone? 

If you own an Apple TV, you are all too familiar with how small, fragile, and slippery the remote control is. And if it gets lost or damaged, it’s expensive to replace. With the R4 Retro Case, Elago wraps the remote in premium silicone that protects it from dust, dirt, drops, and oils from everyday use. It also adds a bit of grip to keep it from slipping out of your hand during use. For extra peace of mind, there’s even a wrist strap. But the best part is the retro-cool look it gives your boring Apple TV remote. The back of the case resembles a classic SNES controller, complete with all the familiar buttons. 

elago r4retrocase 2

The Elago R4 Retro Case is available in five different colors white, red, blue, black, and nightglow blue. You can purchase the case for $14.99 on Amazon.

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