Here’s another color eReader that is available NOW

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pocketbook color 1

NEWS – A few weeks ago I told you about the Onyx Boox Poke2 Color, an ereader device with a color display. I think that it’s a cool looking device, but it has a $300 price tag and it’s currently sold out. No worries though because now there’s another new color ereader on the market. It’s the PocketBook Color and it’s available RIGHT NOW from NewEgg for $70 less than the Onyx device. The PocketBook Color is $229 and it features a 6-inch E Ink Kaleido™ screen that can display 4,096 colors and up to one month of battery life. Head over to NewEgg to read more about it and order one before they sell out too.

pocketbook color 2

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