This marker burns wood!

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NEWS – I’m an avid doodler/wannabe artist/stationery addict. So I’m always surfing for cool new notebooks, pens, and markers. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Scorch Markers which let you do pyrography without a wood-burning tool.

If you’re not familiar with pyrography, it’s an art method where you use an electric “pen” to burn designs into wood. The problem with the woodburning tools (for me) is that I find it hard to do detailed work because the burners feel clumsy to hold.

Enter Scorch markers, which look like a felt-tip pen but are a chemical wood-burning marker that you use to draw on wood and then using a heat gun, heat the drawings to make them burn into the wood like you had used an actual wood-burning tool.

If you want to give these markers a try, you can buy one for $16.99 and packs of 3 for $39.99 from and Amazon.

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10 thoughts on “This marker burns wood!”

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      1. Julie – she does BEAUTIFUL work! And I’ve been doing burn-art for 30 years. I’ve yet to try my hand at gourds, however. But this is indeed beautiful. (Here’s MY burn-art: donwhitecreativefirecom). Tell her she’s gained a new fan. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Julie. 🙂 Yes. There may be 1 or 2 pieces that are identified as patterned/inspired after other artists, but nearly all are my designs. Thanks for letting us know about those pens. I’ve been doing burn-art for a long time and never heard of such things. Tell your partner to look out for an issue of Pyrography Magazine, set to hit the shelves in early Sept. (look among the woodworking periodicals). It’s always FULL of ideas and inspiration, and beautiful images of burn-art (I’ll have a small story in this issue). I’ve shared your article with other “fiery artists.” Great site here! Keep up the good work.

  3. Julie, I appreciate your page very much, however I would be amiss if I did not comment on my experience with Scorch Marker.

    It DOES NOT look like pyrography at all. At best, it looks like a dull sharpie. I have tried it on every type of wood recommended on their site and Poplar, which is only mentioned in one of Evan’s YouTube videos. I am a professionally trained graphic designer and artist. Likewise, I know it is only Ammonium chloride in a pen, but in general the end result just does not look authentic at all. Given they are touting a guarantee, so far they have not honored my request (3 of them in total). I get an auto-generated message confirming they have received my request, yet no follow up or refund. One pen arrived damaged. Furthermore, I would be embarrassed to sell any of my work done with Scorch Marker.
    I like to support small businesses and artists in general. I really do NOT recommend this product unless you like the “dull-Sharpie” look. I will say, Evan has done a remarkable marketing job, saturating every search for his pens. Now, if he can take care of Customer Service with as much zeal, I would be a happy camper, instead of being out over $30.

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