Chess meets Russian nesting dolls with the Crownes chess set

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CROWDFUNDING NEWS – If you’re a traveler and a chess player, playing while you travel can be difficult as travel chess sets are usually tiny and sometimes unwieldy. A new crowdfunding campaign from Crownes Chess wants to bring Russian nesting doll tech to the chess set for good looks and portability.


Each piece is designed to stack and/or nest with the other pieces, creating a very small, single-stack for each color.

Once stacked, the pieces load into a stylish travel tube, along with a roll-up board.

The set will be offered in basic, original, and premium finishes for both the board and the individual pieces as well as the storage tube.

Their Kickstarter campaign runs through Sunday, August 30, 2020, at 12:00 PM EDT.  With a conservative goal of $8,000, they seem to not have anticipated the demand for this because as of this writing, they have already hit $328,112 in pledges and several came in as I was writing. Pricing starts at $34/$90/$132 for the basic/original/premium sets, with a variety of options for multiple sets also available. Sets are targeted to ship in January 2021.

To learn more, visit their Kickstarter campaign.

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