No more carrying your dog’s doo for you with this hands-free dog waste bag holder

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NEWS – Walking my dog is one of my favorite things to do in the summer. It’s a great excuse to get outdoors and get both of us some exercise. What’s not fun is carting around her poop. And of course, she always seems to do her business right at the beginning of our walk. So I have to carry a full poop bag the rest of the way. I recently came across a clever little gadget that could make carrying poop bags a thing of the past. 

The dooloop is a small plastic clip that you can easily attach to a leash or backpack. It can be attached using the included one ball chain, or you can use a small carabiner. When it’s that time, the flexible lightweight clip tightly grips up to six knotted dog-waste bags, freeing up your hands in the process. It’s also available in six great colors. 

So if you want to go hands-free with your dog’s poop bags, head over to The Grommet where you can purchase the dooloop for $8.95.

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