Take your MacBook from Blah to Ahhh with ColorKit

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NEWS – Bored with the look of your old MacBook Pro? Twelve South is here to inject a little color into your life with ColorKit for MacBook. ColorKit allows you to change the color of your MacBook Pro from the inside out.

The kit includes wraps to cover the top, bottom, and deck of your MacBook Pro. It also comes with a matching ombre shaded keyboard cover. ColorKit not only changes the color of your Mac, but it also protects and preserves the surface.

twelvesouth colorkitformacbook 2

According to Twelve South, the kit is easy to apply. You can even adjust and reposition each piece until you get everything perfectly straight. And ColorKit doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind when you peel it off. So you’re good to go if you want to trade-in or sell your MacBook Pro.

You can choose from five color options, Aqua, Black, Coral, Forest Green, and Rose.

The ColorKit for MacBook is available on Twelve South’s website for $29.99. Currently, it’s only available for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. However, you can request a ColorKit in the color you want for your specific MacBook model.

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