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modernstatesARTICLE – Perhaps you’ve heard by now about the student loan debt crisis. According to a Forbes article written in February 2019, about 45 million people owe a total of over $1.5 trillion in student loans here in the United States. That just blows my mind. If you happen to have high school-aged kids or other family members who are planning on going to college, you might want to consider using to help you prepare for and test out of potentially a year of college for free, thus lowering your student’s debt.

Before heading over to the Modern States website, you’ll want to go to the website of the college you wish to attend to see their policies on College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams and which exams they will accept for college credits toward graduation. The is the organization responsible for administering the CLEP exams. There are 34 exams that cover basic courses that are normally taken in the first two years of college, but each college determines whether or not to accept CLEP exams for credit so it is important to check the college requirements before studying and taking a CLEP exam.

Now on to the good stuff. Modern States is a “free credit-for-college” website where you can sign up for an account and register for free online courses taught by college professors which will help you prepare for the CLEP exams and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. After completing the courses, answering all the practice questions and passing the practice exams, you can request vouchers for each CLEP exam you plan on taking (this pays for the $89 test registration fee per exam which is purchased on the College Board website). You then sign up to take the test at a test center near you (you can locate one at the College Board website).

Modern States will also send you a link to obtain reimbursement for the test center fee – just make sure you get a copy of the test center registration confirmation, a receipt for the test center, and enter in your CLEP score in the link provided after taking the exam.

If you pass the CLEP exams, you can potentially obtain credit for your first year of college for FREE (that’s about 30 credit hours). My family has personally used the Modern States website and it is legit. What a wonderful program and a fabulous way to save on college expenses and decrease the U.S. student loan debt! This is all thanks to the founder and CEO of Modern States, Steve Klinsky. Thank you, Mr. Klinsky!

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