PITAKA Air iPhone 11 series case review

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REVIEW – Unless I’m reviewing a smartphone case, I typically use my iPhone with nothing protecting it but a nice screen protector…trusting my ninja skills and sure hands to win out against the evils of gravity. I hedge that bet by purchasing AppleCare Plus when I buy a new iPhone knowing that if I do drop my smartphone Apple will fix or replace it with just the cost of the deductible. With smartphones being as expensive, slippery, and crazy-droppable as they’ve become, not using a case is kind of insane I grant you. That said, PITAKA has recently released the Air Case, an extremely minimalistic case designed with folks like me in mind…let’s see how well it fairs.

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What is it?

The PITAKA Air Case is an impressively thin and light, form-fitted case for the latest iPhones. The Air Case is made from high-tech 600D grade filament aramid fiber is a mere 0.6mm thick and weighs in at just 10g.

What’s in the box?

  • IPITAKA Air Case

IPITAKA aircase empty

Hardware specs

The PITAKA Air Case for the iPhone is made from high-grade aramid fiber. This fiber is strong, scratch-resistant, and nonfading. The fit and finish of the case is near perfect. At less than a millimeter in thickness and just 10g, the case is about as minimalistic, thin, and light as they get. Funny thing is I’ve used skins on my smartphone that were thicker and heavier than the Air Case.

Design and features

IPITAKA aircase top

The case completely wraps around and protects the iPhone 11 Pro Max corners but leaves most of the top of the smartphone exposed. The PITAKA Air Case works nicely with the screen protector I have applied to my iPhone.

IPITAKA aircase bottom

The base of the case has a large cutout allowing access to the 11 Pro Max’s lightning port and speakers. As you can see, the Air Case fits the iPhone like a glove, wrapping around the edges and corners perfectly. The Air’s minimalistic design meets the screen, you barely know its there.

IPITAKA aircase left

The left side of the case has a single cutout for the iPhone’s volume buttons and mute switch.

IPITAKA aircase right

The right side has a smaller cutout for the power button. Overall, the case provides solid protection from bumps and scrapes but I wouldn’t want to drop it from any real height.

IPITAKA aircase camera

The Air Case has a rectangular ring that sits up above the back of the case providing extra protection to the iPhone’s camera assembly.

Quality & Fit

The quality and fit of the Air Case is excellent, adding zero bulk and almost no weight to my iPhone 11 Pro Max. As I mentioned above, the fit is perfect with no sharp/rough edges or even the slightest gaps between the iPhone and case.

IPITAKA aircase inhand

Look & Feel

The Air Case has a twill pattern inlaid in the aramid fiber that nicely matches the space gray and black face of the iPhone. The Air Case feels awesome in the hand. It has a slightly rubberized texture giving excellent grip-ability to the very slick iPhone.

What I like

  • Perfectly fitted for the iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Excellent craftsmanship and build quality
  • Provides decent protection
  • Feels very nice in the hand
  • Wireless charging compatible
  • Added grip-ability

What needs to be improved

  • Expensive
  • Little drop protection

Final thoughts

I really like the PITAKA Air Case for its high-tech material and build quality, barely-there minimalistic design, added grip-ability, and perfect fit. As I said, other than its rubbery texture, it is so thin and lightweight you hardly know the case is on your smartphone. Even though I like to live on the wild side, the Air Case is a keeper…definitely staying on my iPhone long-term adding just a bit of extra protection against bumps, scrapes, and minor drops.

Price: $59.99
Where to buy: The Air Case is available directly from PITAKA and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by PITAKA.

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