This wallet is like having a mini vault in your pocket

NEWS – Is your wallet safe? It’s a good question to ask yourself these days. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pocket-sized vault to keep your money and credit cards in? Well, now you can, sort of. The folks at Carbon Fiber Gear have made a vault style wallet using carbon fiber. The Ogon Carbon Code Carbon Fiber Vault Wallet has an exterior made of genuine carbon fiber. The same ultra-lightweight durable material used by NASA and in the making of exotic sports cars.

The wallet features a built-in combination lock, which allows you to choose from 1,000 different combinations. It also blocks RFID signals, protecting your credit cards from skimmers.

The Carbon Code has 7 tear-proof compartments that can hold up to 10 cards and folded up bills. Each wallet is designed and produced in France and is backed by an international 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The Ogon Carbon Code Carbon Fiber Vault Wallet sells for $189.90 and is available on the Carbon Fiber Gear website and if you don’t mind one that’s not made of carbon fiber, you can find them for $99 on Amazon.

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