This tiny multi-tool puts 21 tools on your key ring

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NEWS – Do you remember the Man Ring? It was a multi-tool that you could wear on your finger. Well, the same person (Bruce Boone) who designed the Man Ring, has a new multi-tool that looks to be less of a novelty and more of a useable set of tools. It’s the ToolFob and it has 21 built-in functions!

The ToolFob is made of grade 5 Titanium and is sized small enough to fit on a key ring while still offering a ton of functionality including tweezers, pliers, blades, saws, a tiny ruler, a Ferrocerium fire starter, and the ability to use hex bits.

The ToolFob is priced at $85 and is available now from

5 thoughts on “This tiny multi-tool puts 21 tools on your key ring”

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  2. But is it legal to bring on planes? As far as I can tell, this tool is no different than a swiss army knife. Not many of those getting sold these days, because of the TSA ban.

      1. Sure, but this is advertised as potentially going on your key ring. And everyone takes their keys on planes. Yes, you can take it off – if you remember. And if you don’t remember until you’re standing in the security line, you’re left with the sickening feeling that you’re about to lose a $85 tool.

        Sales of swiss army knives dried up pretty completely when the TSA ban came about. Victorinox survived only because it managed to pivot to other product lines (watches, backpacks, etc)

      2. I have a travel check list. One item is to remove any small knives from my key chain. I lost one Swiss knife with a 1.5″ blade to TSA before. I can’t imagine hijacking a plane with a 1.5″ knife, but TSA thinks I can. I carry a Keyport, with a sharp box opener multitool, these days. It has been inspected by TSA agents at several airports, and none has given me any grief about it.

  3. I have a design for a TSA compliant version in the works. It would do without the 5 blades and saws it has now, but would include a carrier for a #11 X-Acto type craft blade, so the blade could be taken out for air travel. They are common at craft stores and hobby shops, so if a blade were needed for work travel, they could be easily obtained at the destination. Or the tool could be in checked baggage.

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