Just when you thought all multi-tools looked the same, there’s this one

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NEWS – Here’s an unusual EDC multi-tool worth taking a look at. It’s the strangely named SMALLRIG Folding Screwdriver Kit Hunter. It features seven tools that include a flat screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Allen wrenches, and Torx T25 drivers. The flat screwdriver slides out with a push of a button, while the other drivers fold out like a blade. There are even some threaded holes that you can use to hold extra M2.5, M3, M4, M5, 1/4 screws. If it had a knife blade, it would be perfect for most of my needs. What about you?

You can find more info about adding the SMALLRIG Folding Screwdriver Kit Hunter to your EDC on smallrig.com and you can buy one for about $40 from Amazon.

12 thoughts on “Just when you thought all multi-tools looked the same, there’s this one”

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  2. SmallRig makes accessories for cameras and video cameras. I own several of their things and the quality is very good. This tool would be used to attach parts together and a knife would not be needed.

      1. You might touch the side of the that big flat screwdriver to a grinder for a sec. That would fix you up with a bit of blade.

    1. I think the point is it’s for photographers on the go, who are regularly dealing with TSA, etc.

      This and a small camera bag will let you carry your entire equipment kit with you in carry-on.

  3. While I can see where a knife would be handy on this, most people who would buy it probably already carry one. This one, you might actually be able to travel with on flights.

      1. One time I forgot my Leatherman Wave was in my pocket when I went through TSA. It was after the shipping store at the airport was closed and my car was in long term parking. I hid the multitool in the middle of a big fake planter. I picked it up after I got back. It had a little adventure.

  4. I’m thinking that at that price I could carry this in one pocket and a simple knife in another. That would be better than trying to squeeze a decent knife blade into this small object.

  5. Bought it. Own a lot of SmallRig stuff, hoping this is as good. Oddly enough, the picture of the GH5 on Amazon in it’s cage is the exact situation I want this thing for.

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