Totallee iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector review

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REVIEW – Do you use a screen protector on your phone? My answer to that question used to be no. That was until I scratched my iPhone’s screen. It was a pretty small scratch, but knowing that it was there absolutely drove me crazy. From that point on, every iPhone I’ve owned has had a screen protector. Today I’ll be taking a look at the Totallee iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector. It’s different from screen protectors I’ve used in the past because it features an edge to edge design. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The Totallee iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector is a tempered glass screen protector that covers the entire screen.

What’s in the box?

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  • Totallee screen protector
  • Alcohol prep pad
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Instructions

Design and features

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The screen protector is made of thin tempered glass that covers the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s screen from edge to edge. There’s a thin black border that encompasses the outside edge, and it has a small cutout for the earpiece at the top.

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Applying the screen protector onto your iPhone couldn’t be easier. Everything you need for the application comes right in the box. First, you have to clean your phone’s screen with the alcohol prep pad and then use the included microfiber cloth to wipe away any lint. To apply the screen protector, remove the protective layer, align it with your phone, and drop it into place. Afterward, you can use the microfiber cloth to smooth out the edges.

How to apply Totallee case protector

That’s it, your iPhone’s screen is now protected by Totallee. Totallee does include written instructions, but if you’re a visual person like me, there’s also a link to an instruction.

The screen protector applied to my iPhone without any bubbles and looks great. The edge to edge design is so seamless it’s hard to tell it’s there. And it looks great with the Totallee Thin iPhone 11 Pro Max Case’s that I recently reviewed.

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The screen protector paid off almost immediately. A couple of days after applying it, I noticed a pretty good size scratch right in the middle of it. All I could think of was how awful it would have been if that scratch was on my iPhones screen, yikes.

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If it gets dirty with smudges and fingerprints, all I have to do is wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.

What I like

  • Easy to install
  • True edge to edge protection
  • Easy to clean

What I’d change

  • Nothing I can think of

Final thoughts

I’ve become a big fan of Totallee’s cases and accessories, and their iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector did nothing to change that. It’s a fantastic screen protector. It’s easy to apply, and the edge to edge design gives me peace of mind that my iPhones screen is completely protected. If you use a screen protector with your iPhone, the Totallee iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector is a solid choice. To Totallee, I say keep on doing what you’re doing.

Price: $29
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Totallee.

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