This dart launcher fits in your pocket, so be careful!

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globaledc darts

NEWS – I’ve always said that crossbows are for chumps. Ok, I’ve never said that. But you have to admit that this handheld dart launcher fits in your pocket where a crossbow won’t. The GlobalEDC Darts Gun Launcher has three dart slots that each hold one stainless steel dart. The launcher has a protective collar that acts as a “safety” and will not fire a dart unless it is pulled down. The darts are accurate at 16 feet and can launch up to 30+ feet. You can buy the GlobalEDC Darts Gun Launcher if you’re at least 18yrs old for $25 from Amazon. I’m just not sure where you can get extra darts because you know that you’re going to lose all three within the first five minutes of unboxing this thing.

7 thoughts on “This dart launcher fits in your pocket, so be careful!”

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  2. It looks like ballpoint pens in the launcher, which would be a great idea for workplace mischief. Shark Tank, here I come !

  3. I sometimes do not realise how geeky you are!!!
    I had to double-check the byline!
    Dart guns Julie?
    I wonder if it will get intercepted at customs as a weapon if I order one.

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