Forget about round flashlights, flat is where it’s at

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NEWS – The FLATEYE flashlight from Panthervision features a flat shape that they claim makes it easier to grip. You won’t need to worry about it rolling away from you on a flat surface either.

Available in versions with a lumen range of 700 up to 2175 lumens, the FLATEYE flashlights have versions that are powered by AAA, AA, CR123A, CR123 batteries, or even USB rechargeable – depending on the model.

The FLATEYE flashlights are waterproof and also feature a metal Hyper-Fin design around the LED to help keep it cool and prevent burns.

Prices start at $69.99 for the 700 lumen FLATEYE flashlight and go up to $299.99 for the 2175 lumen rechargeable model (less on Amazon). You can find out more at

7 thoughts on “Forget about round flashlights, flat is where it’s at”

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  2. Julie. My wife is asking you to stop.

    NAH ! Keep the flashlight reviews coming ! I’ll always only need one more ! BWAHAAHAAHAA !

  3. Good thing I’m a snob for lights high CRI: Color Rendering Index. Otherwise, I’d be tempted. Trust me: If the maker doesn’t mention high CRI (a CRI of 90 or higher on a scale that maxes out at 100), it means their light doesn’t have it.

    1. I hear you about the CRI, but technically all light “has” it… Whether lights have a high score or not would be a more likely cause for unpublished data unless the product is just thrown together & sold untested. So as you hinted at, most quality lights will let you know color and CRI rating; best to stick with those brands with listed data if you are going to spend a substantial amount. IMO, these look neat, but I would advise passing on them in favor of newer tech that looks less gimmicky with more supporting data and broader battery offerings.

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