Tidashi is a wearable Titanium utility knife

NEWS – EDC fans will no doubt be interested in the Tidashi knife from SplinterSeed. This mini lightweight utility knife is made of solid Grade 5 titanium and is available with a brushed or polished finish in a variety of anodized colors.

The wearable knife features a silicone cap that has two functions. It protects the blade end and it offers a place to thread through a length of paracord so you can wear the Tidashi around your neck or attach it to your keychain.

The Tidashi knife was a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year when they raised over $100,000. Rewards are currently shipping to their backers and you can read more about the knife on Splinterseed.com and the Kickstarter campaign page. You can also order one for $28.99 from Touch of Modern.

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