Getting your stuff together and keep it that way with Colonel Littleton’s Zip It pouches

NEWS – Colonel Littleton has released a new series of organizational pouches call Zip It. The pouches come in three sizes, which are conveniently called (from smallest to largest)

  • Zip It No. 1
  • Zip It No. 2
  • Zip It No. 3

All three pouches are made from high-quality, full-grain, dry-milled, vintage brown leather. Unlike in many of Colonel Littleton’s products, these pouches are made from a lighter weight leather so they don’t add a lot of extra weight to your briefcase.

All of the pouches have a top zipper to close them and sport a small metal plate which can be customized with up to three engraved initials.

The Zip It No. 1 is 4.625 x 6 inches and has a 4.5 inch zipper. It is designed to hold smaller items such as change, thumb drives, lip balm, etc.


The Zip It No. 2 is 7 by 9.5 inches and has a 8.25 inch zipper. It is designed to hold larger items phones, snacks, charging cables, etc.


The Zip It No. 3 is 11.5 by 16 inches and has a 14.5 inch zipper. It is intended to hold thin laptops, paper pads, large computer tables, file folders, etc.


All of these pouches make a statement and should last for a lifetime.

The pouches are available for ordering now from the Colonel Littleton online store or their storefronts in Lynnville, TN.

  • Zip It No. 1     $  94.50
  • Zip It No. 2    $ 118.50
  • Zip It No. 3    $ 167.00
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