Relive all your web frustrations with User Inyerface

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bagaar inyerface 4

NEWS – Have you ever visited a frustrating website?  You know what I mean – the one where the buttons don’t work, hint characters don’t clear from text boxes, tab order doesn’t work and so on?  The folks at Bagaar have built a shrine to poor web design with their User Inyerface web page.

Once you figure out how to begin, the main page opens with the following banner:

bagaar inyerface 2

Of course, the wording is confusing and the buttons, or more correctly, button and non-highlighted text, are the opposite of what you’d expect. After you accept those terms, you get the following severely messed-up user interface.

bagaar inyerface 1

There are fun elements all over the screen.  There are missing buttons, cursors that don’t change, useless distractions and so on. I won’t detail them for you and spoil the fun, but suffice it to say that the folks at Bagaar went above and beyond to pay homage to all the frustrations I have ever seen in web design,  Especially frustrating fun is the pop-up reminding you that time is ticking!

bagaar inyerface 3

Be sure to explore all the pages as there are fun elements on every page. Enjoy!

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