Hunt22 tiny UV flashlight has the power to gross you out

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hunt22 uvflashlight 1

CROWDFUNDING NEWS – There is a whole invisible world out there.  Some of it is cool, some of it is eewww.  If you’re inclined to want to see it all, the Hunt22 UV micro flashlight wants to help bring it all into view.

Billed as the world’s coolest UV flashlight, the Hunt22 is indeed tiny.

hunt22 uvflashlight 2

If you’re an every day carry (EDC) kind of person, at just over an inch long, this little light will have no problem fitting into even an already stuffed EDC kit. It is waterproof and made of essentially crushproof titanium.

hunt22 uvflashlight 3

The light should be bright enough to be of practical use.  Hunt22 suggests the following:

hunt22 uvflashlight 4

My thoughts fall back to all the articles about how disgusting hotel rooms are.  This little light could help you determine how quickly you want to call housekeeping on your next check-in and ask to have the bedspread, TV remote, cups, or other room accessories replaced with clean ones.

Hunt22 started as a Kickstarter and after funding, moved to Indiegogo for fulfillment. Pricing runs $32, $51, $66, $113, $184 for a 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 pack respectively.  Shipping is expected in August 2019. For more info, visit Hunt22’s Indiegogo site.

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