Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps review

Naipo X Leg Massager 2
REVIEW – Approximately 8 years ago, my father who is now 87 years old, was diagnosed with Neuropathy as a result of aging. Diabetic Neuropathy seems to be the most common type, but the symptoms are the same with the latter being more extreme. As a result of helping him with his condition, I have learned a lot about various types of issues that contribute to the level of discomfort associated with this chronic disease. One of those issues can be poor circulation. I am very interested in testing the Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps to see how they perform and then maybe I will have my dad try them.

What is it?

The Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps are a pair of air compression devices that you wrap around your legs and feet and then they work via air compression to aid in the circulation in those body parts. They are made of durable material and designed to be therapeutic.

What’s in the box

Naipo X Leg Massager 3
2 x Compression Leg wraps (“R” for right leg / “L” for left leg)
1 x AC Adapter
1 x User manual
1 x Handheld controller

Design and features

Naipo X Leg Massager 8


Stress-Relieving Massage: This air massager provides cyclical air compression for your calves and feet, allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable massage experience
Adjustable Modes and Compression Intensity: Choose a setting that works best on you for an optimal relaxation experience that helps to alleviate fatigue and pain
Ergonomic Design: The leg air massager is made from a durable and dirt-proof fabric. The design of the air compression wraps fits naturally and comfortably around your legs
Built-in Safety Features: The device shuts off automatically after 15 minutes for safer user experience. The corded design allows for consistent power all the time

There is one main controller that has everything that you need on the surface to use the massager. The controls are the power button, an air pressure button, and the 2 mode buttons.
Naipo X Leg Massager 1
At the bottom of the controller, there are four jacks for the pair of connecting cables for each side of the massager, and the power jack for the AC adapter.
Naipo X Leg Massager 4
Naipo X Leg Massager 11
Naipo X Leg Massager 12


The first thing that you have to do to use these leg massagers, is to wrap them around your legs and feet. They are secured via the attached velcro and have a bending section that allows you to connect the lower part around your feet and the upper around your legs.
Naipo X Leg Massager 5
Once you plug in the cables to the controller and turn on the power, the power button LED lights red. As soon as you push the power button, air compression begins in both leg massagers. You have the option to increase or decrease the air compression level/intensity and to change modes which changes the way the compression moves around your legs/the rhythm.

Naipo X Leg Massager 6
The following chart explains the control functions:
Naipo X Leg Massager 9

What I like

  • The quality of the device
  • The simple controller
  • The therapeutic massaging effect

What I’d change

  • The length of the AC adapter cable

Final thoughts

The Naipo leg massager is the first of its type that I have tried. It is an interesting feeling in terms of having your feet and legs wrapped in one device that can feel a bit restrictive. However, it does massage both of your legs and feet and while I hate being immobile like that, I think that this would work great for people with circulation problems. As I previously mentioned, my father suffers from Neuropathy and it specifically affects his feet. I am hoping to convince him to try them sometime soon. In terms of the compression and the massaging effect, they seem to work well, and overall, they are well constructed and should withstand daily use.

Price: $89.99
Where to buy: Naipo Website and Amazon
Sample: The sample for this review was provided by Naipo

3 thoughts on “Naipo Air Compression Leg Wraps review”

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  2. My father-in-law also suffers from Diabetic Neuropathy, so i’m waiting for your father’s comments on this product, so i can decide if make an investment purchasing this. thanks.

  3. Good article Julian. Keep up the good work.
    I have nerve Neuropathy of the feet mostly, but no Diabetes.
    I have been looking for something like this for some time. The drugs they prescribe only manage the pain but don’t handled the problem and as it can keep you from sleeping this would be very helpful without the side effects of the meds.
    You have done a good job of the report with accurate pictures and data to help me make a decision to purchase this unit. Keep up the good work. Incidentally, The Gadgeteer is one of my favourite all time sites. I am 69 & you are never to old to learn & explore things, just bought my first 3D Printer, absolutely love it. DRT

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