Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing office chair review

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REVIEW – We keep hearing that sitting is the new smoking when it comes to activities that can be damaging/fatal to your health. I can’t really disagree that sitting all day is bad for me, but I’ve tried several standing desks over the years and can’t seem to work as well as I can while sitting at a desk.

If I’m going to sit, I want to sit on a chair that doesn’t contribute even more problems to the activity of sitting. I don’t want the chair to make my posture worse, back pain worse, etc. So with that in mind, let’s check out the Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing Chair.

What is it?

The Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing Chair is an office chair that has been designed to make the action of sitting better for your body by improving posture and comfort.

What’s in the box?

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  • All the parts needed to assemble the Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing Chair
  • Hardware screws, washers, and 2 Allen wrenches
  • Assembly instructions


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Assembling the Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing Chair is not difficult and you will not need any extra tools as they are included with the hardware. You will need about 30 minutes to go through the steps which are clearly outlined in the included instructions.

The first step has you put the wheels/castors into the heavy metal (not ACDC) chair base. I always find this part the most difficult part of any chair assembly because you have to press the wheels into slots which takes more hand strength than I usually have. Having said that, I was able to seat each wheel in place with fewer swear words than normal.

After the wheels have been attached, the next step is to set the hydraulic piston thingy in the center of the base. This step takes no effort at all.

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Then you have to place the seat on the piston. With this step, it is helpful to have someone hold the base while you place the chair on top. I didn’t have anyone to help me on the day I assembled the chair so it did take a little effort but it wasn’t too hard.

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After the seat is seated, the back of the chair is positioned so that you can attach it to the seat with 4 screws that require the included Allen wrench to tighten them. Again, this isn’t difficult to do alone, but having another person around to hold things while you try to get the screws lined up helps a lot. Another thing that would help a lot would be longer Allen wrenches. The back of the armrests get in the way so that you can’t tighten the screws without reseating the wrench multiple times.

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After the back of the chair is attached to the seat, there is a plastic piece that has to be attached to cover the screws.

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Then the adjustable headrest is attached with 2 more screws and you’re done!

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The Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing office chair is attractive with the black leather material on the padded back and seat cushion. But as you can see, the backrest of my chair is slightly deformed in the center due to having rested over the chair’s wheelbase while packaged in the shipping box. I thought this “dent” would eventually go away on its own, but after a week, it is still there. I’m hoping it will disappear after some time.

Design and features

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The Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing Chair has quite a few adjustment points. First of all, the back of the chair has 3 depth positions that can be changed by twisting the oval knob on each side. Doing so will move the back of the chair towards the front of the seat cushion or back of the seat cushion by 2 inches in either direction.

The armrests can be raised, lowered 2 inches, slid forwards or backward 2 inches, and pivoted outwards, and inwards.

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The padded headrest can also be raised and lowered 2 inches and pivoted forwards and backward. The whole chair can also be raised and lowered using the piston. At the lowest height, the seat cushion is 18 inches from the floor and at the highest height, it can be 21 inches from the floor. I’m 5’6″ tall and even at the highest seat height, my feet can still be placed flat on the floor so I’m not sure how a really tall person would feel about this chair.

All of the settings/adjustments that I’ve told you about so far can be found on most office chairs. But where the Eureka Ergonomic Executive Swing office chair is different is that the backrest and the seat cushion swing independently. Check out this 20-second video to see what I mean.

Is it comfortable?

You betcha! The leather covering is soft, smooth, and feels great. The seat cushion is firm but comfortable, as is the chair back. I like that it has built-in lumbar support which is important if you have lower back issues.

The independent pivot of the back and seat felt weird when I first started using the chair, but now I really like it.

According to Eureka Ergonomic:

This chair is the only chair in the world where the center of rotation (CR-1) of the chair is approximate to that of natural human seated posture. This provides natural human motion when you are seated, allowing you to work in comfort, while reducing the stress on your back, neck, legs, and hips.

What I like

  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 3-year warranty

What needs to be improved

  • Armrests are too easy to slide forward and backward
  • Seat may not raise high enough for tall people

Final thoughts

The Executive Swing office chair from Eureka Ergonomic Is the nicest office chair that I’ve reviewed in my over 2 decades reviewing products. I can’t tell if it’s improving my posture, but I can say that it is comfortable to sit in for long review writing sessions. If I can be productive without my bum, my back, or my legs bothering me, then that’s all I care about.

Price: $499.00 for the leather version reviewed here and $399.00 for the cloth version
Where to buy: Eureka Ergonomics and Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Eureka Ergonomics.

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  2. It’s very hard to find any other reviews for this chair. I’m 5’11” and 190 lbs and I’m searching for one that can alleviate back pain. I have an opportunity to purchase an open box model for $165. You mentioned that this was the best chair you have reviewed in many years. Did you keep this chair or send it back?

  3. Excellent review! Can you comment on the back and neck rests? I know there’s no lock on the backrest – If you wanted to remain upright will the back support you, or always “give out” and let you sink backwards? I have a very back back (upper and lower) and need a good chair.

    This one seems interesting, but so little about it available online, or reviews.

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