This leather sling pack turns into a valet tray for your EDC

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NEWS – For those days when you need to carry more items than you can comfortably fit in your pockets, consider a small bag like Hardgraft’s Valet Pack. This gorgeous leather bag is obviously not going to hold your laptop. But that’s not what it’s been designed to do. It’s sized to hold just the essentials like your phone, wallet, a pen, a small notebook, your keys, etc. The Valet Pack is made of vegetable tanned leather from Italy and features one compartment to hold your gear.

What makes the Valet Pack interesting is that it converts into a valet tray so that you can use it even when you’re not carrying it on your back. When you get home, unzip it, and fold it into a deep tray. Magnets hold everything in place to create a convenient holder to keep your essentials neat and tidy until your next adventure. The Valet Pack is priced at about $253 and is available now from

7 thoughts on “This leather sling pack turns into a valet tray for your EDC”

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  2. Hi Julie,

    The sling looks nice, but I can’t help but laugh at the prices these “boutiques” charge for something like a small sling. I can just about purchase a military-grade backpack for about the same price. Not equating the functionality of the two, but I think you know what I mean. I’m an avid EDC aficionado, but value always factors into my purchasing decisions. I can’t see the value here.

    Moreover, all of the doodads pictured in the valet aren’t included, as far as I can tell. This kind of reminds me of pricing.

    As always, I thoroughly enjoy the site and visit daily!

    1. earl I hear you loud and clear on prices some of these companies are charging. It’s made me consider making a new series of posts where we show an expensive product and lower-priced alternatives that have the same basic features. Do you think that would be useful to readers like yourself?

      1. Hi Julie,

        Yes, I think that’s a good idea, but I’m not sure how the high-price vendor would feel about that :). Another idea would be to add a value component to reviews. While that is an albeit subjective evaluation, when based on an A vs B vs C comparison (as you have suggested), it could provide useful information for readers.

        Happy Friday!

        1. I’m interested in this project. As the cost of living continues to rise, I think it would be more interesting to make a comparison.
          It would affect a larger proportion of consumers.
          The expensive things, especially for the use that the majority of people have, are reserved for an elite.
          It would balance the choices of each social class.
          Finally there would be more readers.

      2. Bellroy makes a passable fabric version of this, and I think it is a good alternative in a similar form factor.

        I have some disposable income, so I ordered one of the HG Valet Packs simply because of the materials and form factor. I am a minimalist and do not like to carry much bulk. Simply put, it isn’t worth the money. My unit came with some scratches on the leather that had been touched up with a dye pen or something, and the leather isn’t top notch. If it had been made with Hoween Chromexcel or an equivalent grade, it would be a beautiful piece but the pebble-finished stuff they used is simply ok. The workmanship, however, is impeccable, and it is well put together. I can’t say it isn’t worth anything because the attention to detail is there, but the finished product lacks the perfection expected of a high-end piece.

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