The Smart Connect fishing reel uses Bluetooth to let you know when you get a bite

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NEWS – Designed for recreational fishermen and family fishing, the Smart Connect fishing reel creates a new fishing experience for anglers. The reel uses Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone and the Smart Connect app. Using Bite Alert Technology, the reel sends an alert to your phone to play a tone, vibrate, light up, and/or send a message alert when it feels a bite.

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You can monitor up to four Smart Connect reels at a time so you won’t miss another fish nibble while you’re grabbing a cold one from the cooler and you’ll have no more excuses about the one that got away. Priced at $119, you can find more info or buy one from

5 thoughts on “The Smart Connect fishing reel uses Bluetooth to let you know when you get a bite”

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  2. despite all my best efforts, my son grew up to to be a catfisherman
    at a higher level of sophistication than i thought possible, but still a catfisherman

    bite indicators are one of the tools in his box
    often imported from “stockists” in europe targetting the coarse angler market they can be remarkably effective

    i’ll send him a link to this and wait for his reaction

    for someone who has used a bluetooth depth finder built into a bobber i’m sure he will be thrilled

    personally…for the couple times a year i fish with coventional tackle…i’ll just sit and watch my rod tip

    but i’m told that i am old and old-fashioned
    i prefer… the recent venacular…old school

      1. surprisingly, the current crop of “fish finders” can see them, even individuals on the edge of the weeds…but the angler still has to catch them

        every pursuit has its pool of gadgets

        for instance, I have a $300 fly tying vise but still use the $2 vise I started with in the early 70’s and I must have a dozen or so that I’ve tried over the years

        when a friend wanted to tie his own jigs I made him a perfectly adequate vise from a scrap of plywood, a metric bolt and a 50 cent Chinese vise grip..he’s still jonesing for a more upscale tool

        my box of photography paraphernalia has grown into a mobile workstation over the decades

        it just goes on…I suspect that is just the byproduct of curiosity

  3. i gust bought the smart connect bluetooth spin reel like three days ago . Never been used still in box. Sharp looking, I don’t know nothing about it.Im not bluetooth smart.I don’t have directions on how it works, the reason is I purchased it at a yard sale for $17.00
    What i would like to know if some one can answer me is does it run of batteries and what are the two buttons on the back part of the reel .

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