The G-RO Check-In Classic bag might just check all the boxes when you travel

G RO Check In bag
NEWS – One of the biggest challenges that I face when I am traveling on a plane and need to carry photography equipment and other personal items, is how to do so with the least amount of luggage and luggage that I do not have to struggle with. My carry-on bag usually has mostly photography gear like cameras and lenses and accessories, which leave very little room for all of the other daily supplies I would need like clothes and shoes, etc. Recently, I have used spinner luggage, which has been better than my previous luggage, but still presents a challenge when I have to walk for a while after disembarking. Many times I have tripped over or dropped my luggage because of the awkwardness involved with pulling luggage that is usually unbalanced and I usually have to carry one piece in each hand.

However, there is hope!! I have been looking at luggage from G-RO for my next trip. G-RO makes the Check-In Classic that is a “large-capacity checked bag/duffel equipped with indestructible GravityRoll™ Wheel Technology and thoughtful organizational features like a dedicated compartment for shoes and an expansion system that increases volume from 80L to 90L.” It also includes a luggage strap for attaching an additional bag. The size and guaranteed balance mean that I can cram every daily item that I would need into it and then strap on my photography gear carry-on and move quickly through the airport with one hand free and without the fear of my luggage tipping over and/or tripping me especially on uneven surfaces

Here’s a short video on how capable this bag is.

The Check-In Classic by G-RO comes in about 6 different color options and is available on the G-RO website for $475, with the option to pay for it in installments.

3 thoughts on “The G-RO Check-In Classic bag might just check all the boxes when you travel”

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  2. $475 seems a little steep for a bag that basically has advanced wheels. Especially considering I can get a brand name bag on any popular online site for no more than $150

  3. if I did a lot of traveling, I would want a case like this. I particularly like the large wheels, but I think its price is simply too high. I would consider $225, but no more.

  4. I bought one from the kickstarter and it is my favorite luggage that I have ever owned. For so many reasons. The main one being the wheels and the handles. I love the big wheels. They work great for cobbled streets and even pulling it up the stairs. Plus all the handles make picking it up easy. Add to that the fact that I never have any trouble picking it out of the sea of black luggage that arrive at baggage claim. My only concern is that I’m not sure you can get them anymore so I wish I had bought two when they were making them.

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