Fillit Pocket is a stick-on, reusable pocket for tablets, laptops or just about any smooth surface

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fillitpocketNEWS – Does anyone else wish they had a way to carry or store just a small item or two on their oft-used devices?  Then have a look at Fillit Pocket.  It’s a reusable, adhesive-backed storage pocket that can be attached to laptops, tablets, or just about any flat, dust-free, lint-free, smooth surface to give you just a bit more storage space.  It can be attached to metal, glass, laminated wood, and many other surfaces and can accommodate items up to 7” x 3.5” x 1” and 1 lb in weight.  Toss in an external drive, some cables, pen, USB drive, or just about anything.  The reusable, semi-permanent adhesive can be washed to restore it to its original strength, so you can remove it and re-attach it to something else if you like.  Fillit Pocket is currently available at Amazon for $15.99, at eBay for $19.99 and at Newegg for $19.99.

6 thoughts on “Fillit Pocket is a stick-on, reusable pocket for tablets, laptops or just about any smooth surface”

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  2. Yes! I just got one a couple of weeks ago, so that I always have my Field Notes & a pen with me in meetings, without having to carry a separate portfolio. It looks professional and I have been pleased that the pocket stays put so far (no signs of corners lifting) in spite of frequent friction when I slip my laptop in and out of my bag. I haven’t tried storing anything heavier than my mobile phone in the pocket, but that worked too.
    Just wish they had a larger version that would fit a Moleskine A5 volant notebook.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on your experience with it, HM! Did you feel that the items you placed in it stayed inside it securely, without wanting to slide out?

  3. No problems so far. The top is made of a stretchy material, so it conforms to the pocket’s contents. I think that helps. Still easy to slip my hand in to retrieve items.

  4. I want this or something similar. I would prefer more of a secure pocket with Velcro or a zipper but I can’t find one anywhere?!?

    Please let me know where I can buy one.

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