Get a knockout home workout with Quiet Punch

NEWS – If you like working out boxing is one of the best ways to build full-body strength. However, most of us don’t have room in our homes for a traditional punching bag. The Quiet Punch doorway punching bag is here to provide you with a knockout home workout.

Quiet Punch is a home friendly punching bag that easily fits into any standard door frame (28”- 36”) thanks to two adjustable tension rods.

It’s lighter than a traditional punching bag, so it doesn’t require heavy chains. No chains mean no loud rattling sounds, so it’s quieter to use.

The bag is made of foam with a PVC casing, so there is no need for boxing gloves. But, it was designed with a heavyweight boxer in mind, so there’s no need to pull back on your punches.

Quiet Punch also provides a handful of free online workout programs to get you started. Now all you need is a doorway and some good old-fashioned motivation.

The Quiet Punch doorway punching bag sells for $125.95 and is available from The Grommet.

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