The Time Since Launch Clock lets you count up the days from that single big moment in your life

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NEWS – 2019 is nearly upon us, and for many of us, it’s a time for making resolutions. New Year’s resolutions are easy to make but all too often hard to keep. The Time Since Launch Clock is here to help you mark and hopefully keep them.

This unique time-capsule clock counts up the days from a single moment. It’s the perfect way to keep you on track to achieving those New Years resolutions. Whether it’s the day you start working out, start a new career, or quit smoking. It all starts when you pull the stainless-steel launch pin on the Time Since Launch Clock.

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This initiates the clocks timer and the moment is burned into a chip. And it will actually keep counting up to 2,738 years!

TSL’s design was actually inspired by astronaut John Glenn who started a stopwatch when he launched into space, becoming the first American to orbit the earth.

The clock is made of precision-machined metals, and the timepiece is enclosed inside of durable borosilicate glass.

The Time Since Launch Clock sells for $160 and is available from Uncommon Good.

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    1. The clock will start alerting you six months in advance when the batteries need to be replaced. Backup capacitors will keep the chips powered and the clock running while you swap in a fresh set of batteries without losing time.

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