Vaja Grip GT iPhone Xs Max case review

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vaja XsMax gripGT 1

REVIEW – I have reviewed and used many Vaja cases over the years to protect everything from my MacBook Pro to my iPhones. Admittedly I prefer to use my smartphones naked but kept the black Leather Suit on my 15″ MacBook Pro till the day I sold it. That also goes for several iPads as well. In this case, Vaja sent me their Grip GT for my fancy new iPhone Xs Max for this review.

What is it?

The Grip GT is a handcrafted iPhone Xs Max case made from premium Argentine leather and designed to protect your smartphone from bumps, scratches, and falls.

vaja XsMax gripGT frontback

Design and features

The Grip GT has a rigid polycarbonate “backbone” that Vaja craftsmen wrap in soft, supple leather from Argentina. The case is perfectly fitted for the iPhone Xs Max as you would expect from such a premium smartphone case. The interior is lined with a soft, smooth leather that’s been embossed with the Vaja name. What makes the GT different from its less exciting sibling (the original Grip), is the racing stripe running down the center of its back. This quote from the Grip GT webpage says it all:

At Vaja Cases we love speed and sports cars, meet the new Grip GT iPhone Xs Max leather case. Designed for those Adventurous souls who like style, leather, and fast cars.


  • Designed for the iPhone Xs Max Leather Case
  • Apple certified – Qi wireless charging compatible
  • Hard polycarbonate backbone
  • Black-framed camera eyelet
  • Weight: 0.07 lb / 30 gr
  • Premium Leather Lining

vaja XsMax gripGT top

The case completely wraps around and protects the corners and nearly all of the top of the iPhone Xs Max. I’m not sure why Vaja chose to have the top not cover the entire top edge of the smartphone. The Grip works nicely with the screen protector I have applied to my iPhone.

vaja XsMax gripGT bottom

The base of the case has a large cutout allowing access to the Xs Max’s lighting port and speakers. As you can see, the Grip fits the iPhone like a glove, wrapping around the edges and corners perfectly. The case extends a few millimeters above the screen, providing extra protection for those crazy individuals who place their very expensive smartphones face down.

vaja XsMax gripGT left

The left side of the case has a single cutout for the iPhone’s volume buttons and mute switch.

vaja XsMax gripGT right2

The right side has a smaller cutout for the power button. Overall, the case provides solid protection from bumps, scrapes, and drops.

vaja XsMax gripGT closeup

As I mentioned above, the Grip GT is handcrafted with premium Argentine leather. The black leather has a pebbled texture to it with the brown center stripe being smoother, combining for an excellent feel. I typically use my devices without a case but I find Vaja’s leather difficult to give up. Truth be told, I have been using the Grip for a month now and have yet to remove it. Its craftsmanship and construction quality are excellent.

vaja XsMax gripGT lens

From a thickness standpoint, the Vaja Grip GT does add 3 or 4 millimeters to the height of the thin device. The plastic around the camera assembly is the only evidence of the rigid polycarbonate backbone/case. The case recesses the camera and provides excellent protection for the assembly.

vaja XsMax gripGT logo2

The bottom of the back has a black powder-coated metal plate. The inside of the plate and case are completely lined with leather to make sure your iPhone’s polished stainless steel edges aren’t scratched. I think the engraved plate with the cutout of the Vaja logo showing the tan leather underneath looks awesome…a very nice detail.

vaja XsMax gripGT colors

The Grip GT is available in Floater Black and Saddle Bridge tan, Floater Black and C Rosso, and Floater Black and C Black coloring.

One more thing…Wallet LP Leather Case:

vaja XsMax walletLP 1

Vaja also sent me their Wallet LP case to check out as well. The LP is very similar to the Grip but with a front wallet that folds over to cover the screen. It has 4 slots meant to hold your I.D. plus 3 credit or other cards. There is also a slipper pocket for stashing money bills.

vaja XsMax walletLP 2

Also, like the GT, the LP has a sportier look than Vaja’s regular wallet iPhone case. The main body of the case uses a pebbled leather over the polycarbonate backbone with smoother leather used on the wallet flap.


  • iPhone Xs Max Wallet Leather Case
  • Apple certified – Qi wireless charging compatible
  • Hard Polycarbonate backbone
  • Black-framed camera eyelet
  • 4 credit card slots (RFID Protected)
  • Optional 925 silver accents
  • 1 extra slot for folded bills
  • Available in Bridge with Floater Leather
  • Premium Leather Lining
  • Product Weight: 0.17 lb / 75 gr

vaja XsMax walletLP thinkness

The wallet cover does add thickness to the iPhone but considering it combines two articles into one seems like a fair trade. The cover does add additional protection for the iPhone’s screen.

vaja XsMax walletLP colors

The Wallet LP is available in Floater Stone Gray and Saddle tan, Floater Black and Saddle Bridge tan, and Floater Crown Blue and Bridge London coloring.


  • Perfectly fitted for the iPhone Xs Max
  • Excellent craftsmanship and leather quality
  • Provides solid protection
  • Feels very nice in the hand


  • Expensive

Final thoughts

I really like both the Grip GT and Wallet LP cases for the iPhone Xs Max. Their craftsmanship, fine leather, and quality are extremely nice and a true pleasure to hold. They provide solid protection with stylish, sporty looks. The premium Argentine leather gives the slippery iPhone much better grip-ability and old world feel. I’m sticking with the Grip GT cause the Wallet LP simply can’t hold all the cr@p I have to have with me on any given day. And like I said, I’m typically not one for using a case but so far the Grip GT continues to keep my attention and that says something 😉 .

Price: $109 (Grip GT) / $169 (Wallet LP)
Where to buy: The Grip GT and Wallet LP are available directly from
Source: The sample of this product was provided by

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