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NEWS – I reviewed the Fingbox in December 2017 here on the Gadgeteer. It is a small hockey puck-sized device that you connect to your router (it is NOT a firewall). It helps you to keep an inventory of the devices on your home WiFi network and will detect when a new device connects to your network. The Fing app then allows you to block the new device manually or automatically thus protecting your network from nearby intruders. It also allows you to detect all the new or anonymized devices that are within range of your network (Fings calls this feature the Digital Fence). In addition, it detects your home’s WiFi hotspots, detects bandwidth hogs, and allows you to schedule or manually pause internet access to your network devices. The app has been updated several times since 2017 and is now much more user-friendly.

Some commented to my review that the Fingbox was interesting but a little too pricey ($129 at that time). However, now it is available for $69 on Fing’s websitebe sure to use code: VIPBLACKFRIDAY (not the advertised BLACKFRIDAY code which makes the Fingbox $74). I received an email that says the sale is good until the end of the day November 17, 2018. If you miss this sale you could try the code BLACKFRIDAY to try to get it for $74. Additionally, it looks like standard shipping is free! It’s a great device and I recommend it especially if you don’t have a newer router that provides a lot of the features this device provides.

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