Make bananas more disgusting than they already are

NEWS – I’ve never liked bananas. It’s a texture thing. And a flavor thing. Ok, it’s everything! Ick with a capital I. But hey, if you like the mushy yellow fruit, then more power to ya and here’s a way to make your bananas even better (I think). It’s called the Banana Surprise and it’s a kit that will let you inject your banana (queue jokes…) with honey, chocolate syrup, strawberry sauce, and other drippy liquidy fillings. I am feeling a bit nauseous just thinking about it.

This little girl looks happy about the fact that her banana has what looks like blood oozing out of it. I think a sight like this might scar a kid for life, but if you don’t think so, you can get your own Banana Surprise kit for $26.74 from Amazon.

Via Neatorama

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4 thoughts on “Make bananas more disgusting than they already are”

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  2. Reminds of the old Monty Python sketch about Whizzo Chocolates. Spring Surprise – covered in dark, velvety chocolate, when you pop it into your mouth stainless steel bolts pop out and plunge straight through both cheeks.


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