Soul Electronics Run Free Pro BIO Bluetooth headphones review

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Raul Soul

REVIEW – I normally only run for two reasons: to get away from something or for exercise. In this case, it’s running for the exercise and health is the reward.

But it takes motivation and determination to get out and run. You have to be your own personal coach to get yourself motivated and moving.

But what if you had someone, or something, to push and encourage you on your running, and all the while, keeping track of your progress?

Well, look no further because with the Run Free Pro BIO headphones from Soul Electronics, now it is possible.

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What is it?

The Run Free Pro BIO  headphones are Soul Electronic’s first A.I Earphones with GAIT Analysis technology to monitor  your running form and give real-time voice coaching.

With the Beflex BiomechEngine® app, it tracks your running form using GAIT Analysis technology. The real-time voice coach informs you on how you are running and if you need improvement in certain aspects of your running.

And you are able to review your results with the help of the app.

What’s In The Box?

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The headphones come with several sizes of eartips and earlocks. It also comes with a zippered carrying case, USB cable,  cable managers, User Guide, and pamphlet.

Design and Features.

The Run Free Pro BIO are Bluetooth 4.1  headphones that are rated  IPX5 water-resistant with weatherproof  Nano coating. It comes with a special LED safety light so that you can be easily visible to everyone at night. The headphones feature an long 11 hour battery life and fully charged within two hours.

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What I like

  • Safety LED Light
  • Real-time voice coaching
  • Even weight distribution and symmetry of headphone wires
  • 11 hour battery life
  • Sound quality
  • Able to connect to two devices via multi-point technology

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What needs to be improved

  • Micro USB door seems flimsy
  • Bulky earbuds
  • Bluetooth only 4.1 and not 5.0

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Please watch the video below for my full review on the Run Free Pro Bio Headphones from Soul Electronics.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed using these headphones. At first, I thought that the voice coaching would be annoying to have to hear someone “coaching” me in my headphones while I ran. In the end, it actually helped me in keeping proper form when running. And it didn’t annoy me as I thought it would. I actually looked forward to hearing any feedback that would help me in my running form. Having the voice prompts in real-time reassures me that the Soul FIT app is monitoring me right at that moment I am running.

The ability to see the results after my run was both educational and entertaining. Plus, seeing my results makes me want to run better and improve my running performance.

Those results are something I wouldn’t have known by myself. So, it’s good to know that I have a “coach” looking out to help me improve my running.

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Price: $149.99
Where to buy: Soul Electronics
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Soul Electronics.

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