Add a little sweetness and spice to your keychain with Keygoes

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NEWS – Do you use stevia sweetener in your tea, but your favorite restaurants never have it available?  Or you like a lot of heat in your food, and you want to carry around some hot peppers with you to liven up bland food?  Check out the Keygoes Keychains with a little capsule to carry your favorite food additive with you at all times.  Each capsule has your spice of choice stored in a sealed, replaceable plastic container.

The Keygoes: Chili has a stainless steel capsule with your choice of three heat levels.  Choose between Medium, with cayenne and bird’s eye peppers refills;  High Heat with habanero and bhut jolokia (aka ghost pepper) refills; or Ultra Heat with Trinidad scorpion moruga and Carolina reaper refills.

The Keygoes: Chili mini titanium has a small titanium capsule with Trinidad scorpion butch T, Trinidad scorpion moruga, and Carolina reaper refills.

Keygoes: Stevia has a stainless capsule with two refills of highest-purity 98% Stevia Rebaudiana , 420x sweeter than sugar and zero calories.

Keygoes: Salty has a stainless capsule with seven refills:  red Hawaiian salt, black Hawaiian salt, Bolivian rose salt, Himalayan salt, Alpine rock salt, bamboo roasted salt from Korea, and Viking smoked salt.

Keygoes: Coffee is a stainless capsule with two refills of a traditional mixture of cinnamon and cocoa with a touch of coconut powder for use in hot beverages.

Keygoes keychains are $20.43 each, except for the titanium mini, which is $22.72.  Refills are available for all the condiments, starting at $4.45 for two.  Purchase at the Keygoes website.

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    1. As is seen in the pictures, the spices are packed in plastic tubes. The tubes fit into the metal canisters. When you empty up a plastic tube, just replace it with a new tube. Look on the website to reorder new filled plastic tubes. Refills start at $4.45 for two.

  2. What’s not mentioned in the review, the shipping is $5, unless your order is over $50 to get free shipping. And you don’t have to buy empty refills if you want to refill with the same contents as the original, once you’ve used it up.

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