Walmart and Kobo have launched an eBook and audiobook store

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NEWS – Julie just recently reviewed a Kobo Clara HD eBook reader.  If you were inspired by her review to purchase a Kobo reader for yourself or as a gift, you’ll need a source for eBooks, and Walmart and Kobo’s new eBook store is just what you need.  Kobo’s library features 6,000,000+ titles, and you’ll be able to purchase Digital Cards (pre-paid gift cards) in Walmart stores as an easy way to purchase or gift eBooks.

Of course, Walmart is also offering Kobo eBook readers and accessories both in stores and online.  And they have eBook reader apps for both iOS and Android so you can read your book on your smartphone or tablet, as well as your Kobo reader.  You can start reading on one device and switch to another to continue the story without losing your place.

In addition to eBooks, the Walmart store also offers an audiobook subscription.  For $9.99 a month, the subscription includes one audiobook per month.

Learn more at the Walmart Kobo eBook website.

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  2. Really pleased about this development. I have a Kindle eReader and have also purchased many Amazon Audible books. Works great, easy to purchase, no gripes. But, it is good to see another major player in the market. Competition is good. I did a quick comparison on the audible book side between the two sites. Agreed, only 5 or so from one of my favorite academic authors. Walmart were offering books for $15 compared to $24 on Audible, $13 for another instead of $21. There is also $10 off on the first order and the subscription of one book per month for $9.99 is better than Audibles of $14.99.

    My only concern is that will Walmart continue to offer this service. I remember when I invested in the Sony reader – very nice, but they stopped after a few years. I do not want to be left with a pile of ebooks or audible books that I can no longer backup, or even play. Amazon books is going to be here until the end of time, right?

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