The elevated Booster Bath makes washing your dog less backbreaking

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NEWS – Our dog, Teddy, is only about 14″ tall at the shoulders.  Washing him in our walk-in shower is murder on the back.  If we had the elevated Booster Bath, he’d be about 30″ off the floor, so we wouldn’t need to crouch in the floor to wash him.

The Booster Bath is an elevated tub with a collar and 3-point harness system to keep Fido in place while he’s getting a bath.  A rubberized and textured non-skid mat keeps your dog from slipping and falling.

The tub is open in the back, so an optional set of steps can be added to help get bigger dogs into the tub without lifting them.

The tub can be used indoors or outdoors.  When using outside, you can attach the fan sprayer to a garden hose, and used water will drain away through the flexible 5′ drainage hose.  When using indoors, you can attach the fan sprayer to a showerhead by using an optional water diverter; using the drainage hose indoors will keep the water from splashing all over you as it drains away in the shower stall or bathtub.

The Booster Bath is available in three sizes, medium ($129), large ($149), and extra large ($199), to fit most dogs.  Red, teal, and lilac are the available tub colors.  Purchase a Booster Bath at,, or any of the other retailers recommended by Booster Bath.

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  2. That seems like a good thing to use in the summer months when you can be outside. I own a shetland sheepdog and he has lots of fur. I have found a local ‘dog wash’ that provides the elevated platform (automated with a pedal!) where I can wash the dog myself. The water is nice and warm and you can control when shampoo and conditioner is included inside the water stream. With a long haired dog this makes washing so much easier. The big plus for me however is I then get to blow dry the dog there in the tub and use their towels. Fur is literally flying everywhere and not in my house or all over my back deck. Plus I am in AC. It costs me $14 to use the dog wash for my 25lb dog. I know this was would be more economical in the long run, but I just can’t beat keeping all that flying fur out of my house and not having to wash those towels. Plus no paying for shampoo or conditioner at home.

    1. I can’t use anything like this because the condo association would kill me for all the dog hair that would get washed off Teddy and onto the grass. We also have a nearby dog washing place where we take Teddy. He had to have an “emergency bath” last week, and our shower drain was clogged before he was completely rinsed! Although Dirty Dogs is not “dirt cheap”, it’s still cheaper than a plumber’s visit.

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