Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR review

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Tablo 1
REVIEW – As I continue to seek out cord cutting options to either lower or completely eliminate my cable TV bill, I readily accepted the opportunity to test and review this device that promises to take me one step closer to my goal.

What is it?

The Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR is a 2 tuner streaming box with DVR capability to record 2 channels simultaneously via a connected OTA antenna.

What’s in the box

Tablo 3
1 x Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR
1 x AC Adapter
1 x Ethernet Cable
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Registration Information Card

Design and features

The Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR works as a DVR for the entire home and can be connected via either WiFi or Ethernet to stream live over-the-air channels and recorded content via the Tablo app to any compatible connected devices inside your home. If you choose to pay the subscription of $4.99 monthly, or $49.99 yearly or $149 lifetime, you get the added bonus of a 14-day TV guide with thumbnails, out-of-the-home sharing anywhere you have high-speed internet via the Tablo Connect app, and the ability to schedule automatic recordings for entire series.

Here is a chart of Features based on subscription:
Tablo 64GB DVR Services Chart

On the top front of the Tablo, there is a blue LED that indicates that the power is on.

Tablo DVR 64GB Front LED
On the rear of the Tablo from left to right, there is the coaxial antenna jack, a reset button, a USB port, an Ethernet jack and the power port.
Tablo 64GB DVR Rear PicHere are some addition specs:
64GB onboard storage
Support for up to 8TB USB hard drive

512 MB RAM
64 GB Flash

100 Mbps Ethernet
802.11n dual band WiFi with MIMO

Height – 37 mm (1.46″)
Width – 125 mm (4.93″)
Depth – 123 mm (4.84″)

210 g (7.4 oz)

Video Format:
H.264 (HLS: HTTP Live Streaming)

Setup and Performance:
Once the Tablo is connected to your network (in my case I connected via an Ethernet cable), and you download the app, connecting is easy. It quickly connects to your network and allows you to create an account and log in. Shortly thereafter, it populates the screen with the thumbnails, and the current TV guide for all of the OTA channels is quickly available. See the App screens in the “App” section right below.


Connection screen:
Tablo DVR App Screen 1

The main screen once connected:

Tablo DVR App Screen 2

Toolbar: (By selecting the icon in the upper left corner of the Main screen)

Tablo DVR App Screen 3

Live TV Guide:

Tablo DVR App Screen 4
Whenever you make a new selection via the Tablo app, it takes a few seconds to populate the screen. However, this device works flawlessly for me, and the ability to record and schedule recordings is great. Many of the channels that I watch and that broadcast my favorite shows are free channels that I receive over-the-air. The ability to add up to an 8TB hard drive and to record and keep my shows with little regard for the usual storage space concerns of the conventional cable box is simply great.

Tablo has just announced a new feature for Tablo OTA DVRs which is the addition of 5.1 Surround Sound. Once your device is updated to the latest Tablo firmware update (version 2.2.22), it will be capable of passing Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound audio through to supported viewing devices. It is important to note that not all streaming devices will initially support this new feature.

To see what streaming devices support this new feature and how to enable it, click here.

What I like

  • The DVR capability from 2 channels simultaneously.
  • The size and weight.
  • The Ethernet\WiFi function that eliminates the need to connect to any TV.
  • The app availability on multiple devices
  • The readily available and organized thumbnails for the guide.
  • The onboard 64GB storage for recorded content and the ability to add up to 8TB.
  • The out-of-home streaming capability (with monthly subscription)

What can be improved

  • The added ability to stream other available content like Netflix, free internet channels, etc. (Even if the DVR capability has to be disabled for the “other” content). In my opinion, the added ability would help to justify the subscription and the cost of the device.
  • The cost of the device.

Final thoughts

As I continue my efforts to find the best devices to replace at least a part of my cable services and eventually completely replace all services, I realize that there is no single solution that can replicate cable TV. However, I have found that utilizing the inputs on your TV with multiple devices is beginning to close the gap. As things stand right now, the Tablo DVR definitely helps because of its OTA channel streaming capability coupled with its DVR functionality. Many of the TV shows that I watch are on the local Prime Time channels, and the Tablo allows me to DVR tons of episodes and shows with no restrictive space limitations. If this device also hosted streaming channels, it would then be miles ahead of any other device in the game, but obviously, there would be the issue of recording and sharing copyrighted content that the networks definitely don’t want us to do. Until a better solution comes along, the Table DVR box definitely adds value. I think that the question for most will be whether the value is worth it based on their individual TV viewing habits and preferences, and the cost of this device.

Price: $175.00
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Tablo.

4 thoughts on “Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR review”

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  2. I bought and tried this out last month. I really like the concept of this device. In my area, I only got 3 clear channels (using a amplified Mohu Leaf indoor antenna) I couldn’t justify $180 for this device to get three channels. Plus I had to add my antenna, an external hard drive (Which I already had on hand). If this would come down in price to around $90.00 I would buy this again (I returned mine. This does have a subscription based guide that worked really well. Not sure why the ding for not streaming channels. I used this with my Roku which streams all the channels that I want. I think if I was in an area that provided a lot of OTA programming, I would have kept this device despite the price…but $180 for 3 channels was hard for me to justify.

    1. Hi Mark,
      I enjoy my Tablo and I get about 40 channels. The comment about adding streaming channels was not intended to be a ding. It was more about what could be improved/added to better justify the same price you are referring to.

      1. Hi Julian,
        First I would like to say I do enjoy your reviews. You are right…it’s not a ding but honestly the only way to use this device is by a Roku or other streaming device. At least the one I had, had no direct connection to the TV so even if streaming was added to the Tablo, I’m not sure what added value that would add unless the feature is to record the streaming program…which most doesn’t allow any ways. Thank you for your comment. Mark

        1. Hi Mark,
          I am so happy that you enjoy my reviews. I do appreciate your support and comments.
          I was thinking that since the Tablo does connect to your network much like the roku, that any add-on streaming could be incorporated into the Tablo app. The DVR function may have to be modified to not allow that function for some streaming channels, but I think it would add value and not require the use of an additional streaming device like Roku.
          By the way, I do have several Roku devices along with the AirTV box and the Amazon Fire Stick. Sometimes I do experience issues with my Roku cable TV app and I have to use another device.

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