A cure for the common Apple AirPods color

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NEWS – Are you interested in buying some Apple AirPods but don’t want the same white that everyone else has?  If so, ColorWare has the product you’re looking for.  They take various electronic devices and paint them to give you the unique device you want.  They add color to game controllers, microphones, computer mice, headphones, and AirPods.  If changing the color isn’t enough to pique your interest, ColorWare is offering two special, limited-time finishes for the AirPods.

The first finish is the AirPods Retro seen above.  The rainbow colored power button, faux vents, and the putty color harken back to the Apple IIe.  Changing the color doesn’t affect the functions of the AirPods – it just gives this set a cool 1980s vibe.  The AirPods Retro are $399.00.

colorware airpods 2

If you want to match your AirPods to your Space Gray iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you’ll need the AirPods Space Gray for $349.00.

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And if you just want a change from white, you can choose from a variety of bright colors.  You can even choose different colors for the left and right pods and a third color for the case itself.  Custom ColorWare AirPods are $339.00.

Learn more about custom AirPods and the other products offered at the ColorWare site.

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