The Beyond Ink Pen merges cutting-edge technology with a luxury ballpoint pen

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NEWS – When you think of technology, you probably don’t think ballpoint pens. That is up until now. The Beyond Ink Pen will make you rethink the way you look at ballpoint pens.

As you may have guessed the Beyond Ink Pen isn’t your run of the mill ballpoint pen. Yes, it’s a luxurious pen made of brass and stainless steel that uses a high-end Lamy ballpoint pen tip for clear and attractive writing, but that’s where the similarities between it and a typical ballpoint pen end.

The Beyond Ink Pen is a multi-functional smartpen that contains all the features you need in a typical workday, right at your fingertips.

You can use it as a normal ballpoint pen for writing on paper or can switch it in seconds to a state-of-the-art stylus tip, for use on tablets and touchscreens.

A  built-in 1,000mAh battery and nicely concealed Lightning Cable allow you to charge your iPhone on-the-go. There’s also a model for Android users that replaces the Lightning cable with a Micro USB cable.

Last, but certainly not least, the top of the pen comes off revealing a built-in USB flash drive that has 16GB of memory storage.

The Beyond Ink Pen is available in Android or IOS models in your choice of black or white.

It sells for $79.95 and is available on Amazon.

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