Use the Force to make your own lightsaber knitting needles

NEWS – I’m currently learning to knit, and just like with every interest I have, I need to find as many accessories as I possibly can.  While searching for knitting accessories, I discovered plans for making a pair of lighted knitting needles that look like miniature lightsabers on the Instructables website.  You start with Lucite rods and pocket-sized LED flashlights.  You’ll need to have some soldering skills, because you’ll need to replace the white LED in the flashlight with a colored LED.  The photo above shows the finished pair of knitting needles.

If you want to take a different approach, you could use these lighted knitting needles as a starting point for your lightsabers.  The NeedleLite shop on Etsy offers lighted needles in different lengths and diameters for $34.95.

NeedleLite also has 12″ lighted conductor batons for $29.95.  The batons already have a small handle attached that you could use as a starting point for the lightsaber grip.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any further instructions for you.  Go forth, Padawan, and craft your own weapon!

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