The Mighty Sound by Capture Flow will keep you dancing while on the go!

The Mighty Sound by Capture Flow
NEWS – These days, there are literally thousands of Bluetooth speakers that are available on the market, all with various levels of sound and quality. The choices are so many, that consumers can find a speaker to fit almost every need whether the need is for use outdoors or indoors, and if necessary, it can be water resistant or waterproof. Many of us need the speaker to be portable enough to walk around with, and while many are quite portable, we usually have to carry them in a bag, or backpack, or on a wrist strap.

The Mighty Sound by Capture Flow is another such Bluetooth speaker that is designed for portability, but this speaker claims to pack a mighty sound while comfortably fitting in your pocket. Measuring just 3.5″L x 1.8″W x 0.7″H, this speaker is smaller than your cell phone, and thin enough to fit just about anywhere without the need for a bag or strap. It can be fully charged in approximately 2.5 hours, and it has a battery life of approximately 4 to 8 hours. Unlike the more common micro USB charging cables that can be used to charge most portable devices, this speaker uses a lightning cable.

You can purchase the Mighty Sound by Capture Flow in one of 4 colors on Amazon for $75.

8 thoughts on “The Mighty Sound by Capture Flow will keep you dancing while on the go!”

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  2. I received my Mighty Sound Capture Speaker today, but it did not come with any type of cord to hook it to my phone. How do I use it without a cord? This is very disappointing. It was not mentioned that I would also need a cord to actually use the speaker.

    1. Got mine with no cord what a RIP off. Where do we get the cord…I got this off if GMA deals and steals. RIP off will not order again

  3. It clearly shows no charging cable in the specs.
    But it really is a poor product without one supplied.
    Major customer service blip! Not buying due to this.

  4. It clearly states that charging cord is not is provided. I find it helpful to read the information and “what is included” before I purchase an electronic device.
    Most people have a drawer full of charging cables in a mutitude of sizes. I found 4 that fit this mighty speaker and am glad to use one of them, not add another.
    It’s a shame you all didn’t get to experience the amazing sound this little guy has.

  5. Why is this speaker powerful?! The volume is turned up all the way and the sound is so low! Not impressed… going to return!

  6. My iPhone is louder than this speaker so why get it. Might as well use my phone! Disappointed in lack of volume ability..

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