The Measure Collection – the right tools with the right look for the right job!

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If you are a handy-person like me, you are always looking for ways to improve existing items, or to design new ones. Whenever something gets damaged or broken around my home, I am always there to the rescue with my tools and my ideas.

One of the issues I constantly face is the exhaustive search for my smaller tools, which I never seem to be able to find on my first attempt. This is especially true for my measuring tape or rulers which while well-made and effective, are quite ugly, and are always hidden away in some drawer since they never seem to match the decor on my desk.

Enter Grovemade with The Measure Collection that is made up of an attractively constructed ruler, protractor, and triangle. The longest side of each tool is 6 inches or 15 centimeters and includes both metric and standard markings. They are machined from a solid block of aluminum to give a clean and minimalist look. Adding this collection to your desktop will not present the ugly and cluttered look of similar conventional tools, and I think that their design and appearance would give me new ideas of my own.

If you like The Measure Collection, you can purchase it as a set on the Grovemade website for $169, or each item individually for $59.

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5 thoughts on “The Measure Collection – the right tools with the right look for the right job!”

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    1. Donald,

      Please let me know what price you consider as too expensive and I’ll make sure we never talk about any products that cross that price line ever again. Seriously though, we have always talked about products from every price range out there. So the Gadgeteer isn’t coming to anything. We’re just keeping on business as usual.

      1. First of all, Gadgeteer is a great site. I have found many useful items on the site that I would not have known about except for your site. I read it every day and I have even bought some of the items reviewed on the site. I am also not complaining about the price of the stuff that Gadgeteer talks about. You guys talk about a lot of expensive stuff that I would not spend my money on although I do have to admit that they are useful, functional or artistic.

        However, a ruler, a protractor and a triangle is a tool and not a work of art. You have to admit that $170 for these items that I can buy at Staples for $10 is a bit absurd.

        Also, a 6″ ruler is sort of useless. I wonder what a more useful 12″ or maybe even a longer 18″ ruler would cost.

        1. I agree that Grovemade’s prices are crazy. I do like their design aesthetic though and sometimes if I find something I like that is too expensive, it prompts me to go searching for something similar at a better price 🙂

  2. It would be easier to measure accurately if the bevels were going the opposite way – the markings would be closer to the paper, so would eliminate parallax error.

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