The SkyWire TV antenna may be the one that lets you cut the cable TV cord!

A few days ago, I wrote a review of the Mohu Blade Over-The-Air HD antenna that I was quite pleased with. It was sleek, and light, and gave me a decent amount of OTA HD channels, with excellent quality very close to the 1080P HD quality that we have all come to expect from cable TV. While I am very satisfied with it, I began to wonder what else is available, and recommended, and how it would compare to the one that I have.

Trolling around on Google, I came across the SkyWireTV Antenna. Several different review sources seem to have this antenna ranked at the top or close to the top of their recommended antennas, with the considerations of cost and performance dominating their opinion.

SkyWire TV claims that the technology behind its product is “Developed by a NASA scientist using military technology to capture full 1080 HD signals”. Their specs go on to include a 30 mile range that works anywhere in the United States, and dual band reception (VHF/UHF) with a 20 dB gain. Installation is similar to any other HD OTA antenna, with a coaxial cable to connect it to your TV, and this antenna comes with double-sided adhesive tape to mount it to a window or a wall.

If you would like to read more about the SkyWire TV antenna or purchase one, you can head over to the SkyWire TV website for additional information. You can also purchase one for $39.95.

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11 thoughts on “The SkyWire TV antenna may be the one that lets you cut the cable TV cord!”

  1. I have a flat digital antenna. However, I would like to receive more than lical channels. Will the SkyTV antenna do the job?

    1. Hi Mike,
      I wrote the news story on this antenna because it seems to be a good possible solution and alternative to cable TV. However, I do not own one so I cannot effectively answer your question. Hopefully, I will be able to get my hands on one at some time, and if I do, I will test it and write a full review.

  2. Most of these antennas have a mileage rating of some sort, like say 35 or 50 mile range. Do you know the rating on this one?

  3. William Liberty

    “Craig”indoor antenna from Dollar General $12.00.Best I’ve found yet, believe me you can’t go wrong. Over 30 channels.

  4. Thomas Pritchard

    I hooked up the SkyWire antenna the other night. Pretty decent picture. I was able to bring in about 40 to 45 channels. The only problem I have is that over half the channels are of various Asian origins and I do not understand any of it. This will never replace cable/satellite. Most of the channels are the ones you get with cable/satellite that you probably would not ever watch.

    1. Hi Leslie,
      You should contact the place where you purchased it or try contacting SkyWire. This was a news story just to bring awareness to a product. We don’t sell products nor do we provide customer service.

  5. I just installed the skywire and was disappointed because all it gets is the local channels. I thought I would be able to receice cable channels also. Maybe I didn’t read enough but I bought 3 antenna’s plus 3 boosters and it cost $200.00. I fill like it was wasted money and I am going to try and return everything.

    1. Hi Ray,
      It is an Over-the-Air antenna. It picks up free HD channels that are broadcast in your local area.

  6. skywire is a total ripoff. False advertising on HD and channels it will pickup……cheap , cheap , cheap, product that does not work ……
    don’t waste your money because thats what you’ll be doing if your purchase this CHEAP misrepresented product

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