FLEXiT is a magnetic bendable LED flashlight that shines light where you need it

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The best thing about LED flashlights is that they provide light when you need them, but one of the worst things about most LED flashlights is that you need a hand to hold them. The FLEXiT Flashlight from Striker Concepts is an LED flashlight that you can stick it to a steel surface and you can bend it to customize where you want the light to shine.

FLEXiTs come in four different models. There’s the FLEXiT Auto that’s been designed for use with your car, the FLEXiT Task for general use, the FLEXit 2.0 and 4.0, and the FLEXiT Solar. These LED flashlights feature 180 – 500 lumens depending on the model and the price ranges from $24.95 up to $49.95 from The Grommet and Amazon.

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