Travel fearlessly on foot with WINPE’s invisible shoes

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Walking across hot, cold, rough, or slippery surfaces like parking lots, theme parks, and scalding beaches don’t have to be uncomfortable anymore. Invisible sticker shoes can save your soles.

Invisible shoes are essentially padded stickers that shape to the size of your feet, taking the role of a sole on the bottom of a shoe. Easily applied to clean feet and even easier to remove; they will come in handy during a plethora of situations. Once applied, they can only be used once, but they are made from a specific hypoallergenic certified adhesive that is biodegradable, so throwing them away won’t do too much harm to our Earth.

They are waterproof and non-slip, so wear them in the ocean or in the rain with no fear of stepping on sharp objects or slipping and falling.

If I’m ever stranded on an island with WINPE‘s invisible shoes, leave me there. I’ll be fine.

You’ll find these shoes for the price of $11.18 with free shipping included with Amazon Prime. Get your pair now.


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6 thoughts on “Travel fearlessly on foot with WINPE’s invisible shoes”

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  2. $11.00 for a pair of shoes that you can wear only once. I can’t be the only person who thinks that these are really stupid. BTW – did you notice how many grammatical errors there were in their Amazon ad?

  3. If it’s puncture-proof from nails and broken glass then I might buy it and even use it as an insole for my steel-toe boots.

  4. Good golly NO.

    Following in the steps (sic!) of FiveFingers, watch a whole bunch of early adopters achieving the Plantar Fasciitis Trophy. And let’s not stop here – how wonderful could a walk in the park be, with all those discarded syringes hidden in the luscious grass?

    Furthermore, at least FiveFingers settled a class action suit after destroying thousands of feet around North America. These look like an AliExpress resale – who’s going to be held accountable when the thing hits the fan?

    I could expand, this product is a goldmine of flaws and dark humor, but I think I touched on the most important points. Ugh.

  5. I normally bring $2 flip flops when I go backpacking for walking around the campsite. They cushion my feet against sharp rocks and pine cones. Can these $11 stickers do the same?

    1. Sounds like they’d blunt the edge, but not cushion your feet.

      But reading through the reviews it looks like they actually match your flip flops for price (at least for a single use): the $11 is a five-pack. The question is how long one lasts.

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