The Post-it Extreme Notes are the Fisher Space Pen of sticky notes

Let’s see a show of hands, how many of you use Post-it Notes on a regular basis? Me too. I always have a ubiquitous pad of the yellow 3 x 3 inch notes somewhere on my desk so I can quickly jot down a note, phone number, to do, etc. The best thing about Post-it Notes is that they are small and they stick to things without leaving a messy residue behind. But a bad thing about these sticky notes is that you can’t really use them outdoors because regular paper doesn’t react well with wet environments.

3M has solved that problem with Post-it Extreme Notes which work in the cold, work in the heat, and work in wet environments. Post-it Extreme Notes are made of dura-hold paper which is water resistant. As long as the item you wish to stick the note too is dry when you stick it, it stays stuck. Even after it gets wet, cold, or hot.

You can buy Post-it Extreme Notes in packs of 3 pads for $4.99 or boxes of 12 pads for $19.50 from Amazon.

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2 thoughts on “The Post-it Extreme Notes are the Fisher Space Pen of sticky notes”

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  2. Take a look at the Amazon reviews – 100% 3M provided free product Vine reviews. This stinks and 3M should be ashamed of itself. I would say Amazon also but they have no shame – anything to sell anything.

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